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“Sandy Root has been my acupuncturist throughout surgery recovery and chemotherapy this year. I have been going to her 1 a week during the process. My appointments with her have been a much needed refuge for safe relaxation and healing. Her treatments have helped me cope with the many side effects from chemo and have kept me mentally strong. Her treatments have made a tremendous difference in my well-being. Sandy keeps the atmosphere light and positive and she makes the treatments powerful. I am very grateful to have her as my therapist! Thank you Sandy!”

Katja H.

“Sandy is a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner of acupuncture. She is also a very caring professional who listens to your health concerns intently. I went to her to relieve blockages in a few of my organs. These energy blockages caused pain in various locations in my back. She assessed which organs to work on and placed the needles at strategic points. Then the needles got the energy flowing. As my organs began to function better, my back pain dissolved. After the acupuncture sessions with Sandy, I felt completely relaxed as tension in my body melted away.”

Christina P.

"I went to see Sandy for some back and shoulder pain, she gave me acupuncture and also did cupping, I loved it and I already felt better after just one treatment. I also noticed that days later I was feeling even better. I felt very comfortable in her care, and I liked that she asked me thorough questions in the consultation in the beginning so that she could offer me the best treatment for my body."

Pedro G.

"I was skeptical and scared to try acupuncture, but Sandy made it very comfortable. I wanted to try it to see if it would help with some weight loss and high blood pressure. Within the week of my first treatments, I started feeling my appetite suppress, my digestion improve, and both my weight and blood pressure have stabilized! And overall, I have more energy and feel better physically. I look forward to soon sharing the weight loss success as I continue treatments. Thank you Sandy! I would definitely recommend her."

Anilemis P.

“Sandy Root has a gift like no other acupuncturist I've worked with. She has an uncanny gift to sense where the root of the problem exists even if it seems counterintuitive. As an athlete and long time yogi, I have had my share of injuries, both acute, like a knee strain and chronic such as a hamstring tear from long ago. After Sandy worked her magic, both lessened to the point where I was able to practice without pain and areas of unwavering stiffness dissipated. I could praise her work endlessly. On another note, Sandy worked on those two deep lines between my eyebrows for facial rejuvenation. After only three sessions (I wish I did more!), remarkably the lines visibly lifted. I have pictures to prove it! I highly recommend Sandy Root as an Acupuncturist for a large variety of conditions.”

Cami A.

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“I received a treatment from Sandy Root last year. At the time I was experiencing tightness and pain on the left side of my lower back. Sandy was able to diagnose the issue and then provide a treatment that lasted only 30 minutes, the results of which have lasted over a year and still counting. I have not needed to return to Sandy because of that lower back pain, but I have seen her regularly since then. Her work is impeccable and I highly recommend Sandy to anyone who prefers an effective holistic approach to their health and well being!”

Kenyatta B.

“I went to Sandy with stubborn shoulder/neck pain that hadn't responded to a number of other treatments. She made me feel comfortable right away, and after taking a thorough overview of the problem and my goals, she used a combination of acupuncture, cupping and other therapies to get deep into the sore and tight points. And it really worked. I couldn't believe it: after literally months of discomfort, Sandy had me feeling better within a number of hours. Days later, I felt no discomfort there at all. When it flared up a few months later after a stressful work time, I went back and had the same result. I'm so grateful and highly recommend Sandy's treatment.”

Jessica W.

“I did my facial rejuvenation acupuncture with Sandy Root at Root Acupunture. The session was cooling, rejuvenating and restorative. After the session, I remember not only feeling more beautiful but I also felt a changes in my face. It was more relaxed . I also had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from my face and the area has been dormant. I felt an opening on that area after just one session, which contributed to making me feel more beautiful.”

Jazmin C.

“I’m pretty sure Sandy has magical powers 🙂 Sandy has been my go-to acupuncture and traditional healing therapist for over five years. I trust her, as she is professional and a very good listener who truly cares. I’ve gone to her for symptoms from back pain to fatigue. I often feel the effects immediately, and feel great and relaxed afterward.”          

Kurt O.

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